Building successful and long lasting collaborations is what we constantly aim for. In order to achieve this, we believe that a business culture with a strong foundation is essential. Through our experience, we gathered the principles and values that are at the core of our way of working with our partners. And we like the clients that value them.

Professionalism and Human Values

Even though we are involved in the abstract world of technology and software development, our mission is to help you to achieve great success with your business.

As business partners, we understand the importance of quality human interaction, thus our values reflect both the way we work and the way we build trust with our clients.

Our Values

Deliver Quality

Building software is like building a house: when you look at the house as a finished product, you almost don't see the foundation, but it is extremely important. Thus, we have decided to always keep a high standard of code quality also when the clients are non-technical and may not understand the effort. Instead, we prefer to explain to the clients why this route will lead to much better results on the long term.

We also make sure that we deliver all the functionalities perfectly working in all conditions and even think ahead to prepare for future improvements. Whether you will want to continue working with us or continue to develop the project with your own internal team, you are guaranteed to have a code base that is optimized and easy to extend by future developers.

Be Reliable

We understand the importance and the value of being able to count on us – thus we act as an extension of your internal team. Our communication will be fluid so that we can quickly adapt based on your changing needs.

We believe in sticking around through good and bad times and we are most interested in long term collaborations. We want you to succeed in your business, so we’ll keep our promises so you can keep yours: if the deadlines are feasible, you can count that we’ll meet them.

Be Honest

We don’t like to overpromise, but we like to overdeliver. That is why we prefer to be bluntly honest if something cannot be done or if we think that your idea is not the best one Through honest communication, we can have a successful long-term relationship and make the best decisions for the success of your project. We’d rather have an uncomfortable conversation now than risk a bad decision that could ruin the project’s future.

Strive for Improvement

We don’t settle when things go well. We would rather prepare for the future by adapting to new technologies and learning new things.

The industry is always changing, and we understand the importance of keeping up with it. You can either grow or regress, there is no middle ground. And we prefer to grow.

Our Way

Based on our values, here are some of the principles guiding the way we approach our work and our partners:

Speak the truth and don’t sugar-coat it.

Respect deadlines. Make it known upfront if they are not feasible.

Ask for feedback, both positive and negative.

Clients are part of our team.

Communication with the client is almost never too much.

Think twice, act once.

We build technology to achieve an outcome, always ask why you are building something.

Our People

Our team is made up of technology specialists but we don’t forget the importance of the communication skills. That’s why we give the same consideration to both types of skills when building our team. We want you to feel comfortable partnering with us and have a pleasant working experience. Our people are both technologically competent and easy to work with so they can join your internal team smoothly.

Are we the partners you’ve been searching for?

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Looking to develop a digital product from scratch?

Looking for a cross-functional development team?

Our design and development expertise is two-fold. We can deliver you a digital product in a matter of weeks by using Lean™ and Agile™ processes.

Then, with our ability to scale existing apps, we can help you transition them from inefficient, unstable solutions to fully developed products that grow nicely with your business.

Designers work side by side with software engineers, in Agile teams, to provide the best solutions that will meet your business goals.

Our teams communicate and closely work every step of the process ensuring everyone has access to the best information and data and each decision taken is the right one.