A smart web platform for smart devices

We joined forces with Replex to build a high-quality web platform in the IoT space for a big telecom provider.

About the client

Replex – “New Complexities Need a New Approach to Infrastructure Insights”

Replex is a company that builds Kubernetes governance and cost management solution for cloud-native enterprises. They unify cost and governance management in one central solution to manage the complexities of modern technologies.


Replex needed the web development expertise to build a web platform for an important telecom provider in Germany. The custom web solution was meant to help landlords manage smart devices in buildings.

Project Goal

• A web IoT platform to manage smart devices in buildings.


One of Replex’s teams was out of capacity, so we quickly hopped in with our expertise and joined forces. As a result, we managed to deliver high-quality features in a timely manner.

Business Outcomes

The end client was very pleased with the product, the productivity and deliverables and the overall satisfaction improved. Due to the success of the project, we continued to work with Replex, trusting our expertise to deliver new features in the project.


We have worked with the client’s tech stack: Vue.js, Typescript, Node.js, PostgreSQL maintaining the high-quality standards of the project.

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