From a legacy CRM database to a modern database

One of MWater’s brands used an old CRM solution that relied on a legacy database and needed to switch to a newer and more capable solution.

About the client

MWater – “creates world changing technologies for water, sanitation and health”

MWater offers technology for water and health. The solution implemented related to one of its products.


The client was stuck with using a CRM with a database solution which was outdated and discontinued. However, it had very large amounts of important and sensitive data already in the legacy database. He required the expertise to analyze possible solutions and migrate all the data to a new database while mitigating the risk of losing any data.

Project Goal

• Analyze the feasibility of choosing specific database solutions
• Create a plan and the infrastructure to migrate the data with minimal downtime and execute it


We have initially analyzed the feasibility of using a specific database engine suggested by the client which proved not being adequate in this case. We have quickly figured this out and saved the client the time and money which would have been wrongly invested in this solution.

Business Outcomes

We have then successfully built the infrastructure and tools to do the complex migration and ran it with minimal downtime and no incidents. The end users and the business has not been impacted. The client managed to move away from the limiting solution and was able to continue to scale its business.


We have used MariaDB as the new database. The migration was especially challenging because of the many functions, procedures and scripts from the legacy system which needed to be properly migrated to work with MariaDB. The high volume of data (millions of rows) would also make things more difficult. We chose the flexible Python to create an automated solution for migrating the whole database system to the new infrastructure.

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