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CarLabs was time pressured in delivering a custom solution for an important client.

About the client

CarLabs – “The smartest AI-powered conversational engagement platform for automotive brands”

CarLabs is a US company that brings an AI-based conversational platform to the automotive industry for increased conversion and cost savings. Their first-of-its-kind platform allows them to build smart and scalable digital assistants for automotive brands.


CarLabs needed to build a custom solution for an important client, was a big automotive manufacturer – Hyundai US. The stakes were high, and the time was limited.

Project Goal

• A qualitative custom solution in a short time
• A long-term partner to boost the development of Carlabs’ main products


We understood the urgency of the project, so we quickly jumped in. We perfectly integrated into their internal team, and together we developed the product on time and meeting all requirements.

Business Outcomes

CarLabs delivered the product on time and closed the sale. Since then, we continued to closely work with them and were a key partner in their effort of building a new and improved bot configuration SaaS platform aimed to bring much more value to the clients. We bring our expertise to the table, helping them make the best technology decisions.


We have used React and Typescript for the custom solution which proved to be a very good technology choice for a project with a tight deadline. While React allowed us a speedy development, we were still able to use the great benefits of a typed language like Typescript. This way we flawlessly collaborated with the team and kept a high-quality level of work. Our technology choice was Angular and.Elasticsearch for the new and improved SaaS platform, which enabled us to run complex queries crucial for the core feature of the platform which was bringing valuable analytics and insights to the clients. We have also opted for using Firebase and Google Cloud in order to have a simple and easy to use cloud integration.

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