Web platforms built from scratch for high-stake clients and ownership over front-end technologies

AskData needed a high-performing software development partner that would allow them to focus on their core business.

About the client

Askdata – “Search, Discover and Share insights from your data at an unprecedented speed.”

Askdata is a YC company building a new and easy way to get insights from data through AI. Their mission is to remove the cognitive friction between humans and data, empowering humans to interact with data through a natural language.


Askdata was looking for a reliable partner for a long-term collaboration. They needed a software development company with high expertise to take ownership over their web front-end technologies and deliver top quality web platforms built from scratch.

Project Goal

• ownership over web front-end technologies
• global and client-specific web platforms and features


The stakes of the project were high, as clients of the web platform included big European banks, top international soccer club and a pharmaceutical company. Our expertise allowed us to successfully take ownership over the fronted technologies, allowing Askdata to focus more on their core business and selling products. We’ve built several web platforms for configuring and using AI bots and advisors, exceeding clients’ and internal stakeholders’ expectations.

Business Outcomes

We are glad to say that the client got accepted in the YC 2019 batch with the product built by Oakbits and now continues to grow and increase their client base.


Our solution used Angular for its reliable framework and Typescript for its improved defect management which proved great tools for building such large projects and extending them over several years. Using a typed language like Typescript boosts quickly detecting errors which is critical for projects with a fast release cycle like Askdata’s present case. It’s also great to easily refactor large features which proved very valuable for the project, as we used a lean approach where we iterated through and often changed the features and specifications based on the clients’ feedback. For the UIs, we have used Bootstrap for its capacity of improving the speed of development and the consistency, which proved being useful as the codebase grew. We have also occasionally opted for SemanticUI when building a custom platform for one of Askdata’s clients with a very tight deadline and this enabled us to deliver the solution in time.

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