About Us

We are a team of web development professionals looking to help you build your ambitious idea.

We’re on a quest to create quality web apps

Our mission

We are a consulting and software development team focused on every aspect of building web apps. Beyond the skills backed up by 10 years of experience, we take pride in our ability to deliver quality products and features on time.

Our vision

We believe in the idea that clients who work with a quality technical partner can have better long-term results with their business. We’ll do what we know best so you can focus on improving your business. Building and managing a stellar engineering team is tough – let us do it and take this responsibility from you. We value open dialogue, respect, and honesty and strive to be good human beings on which other human beings can rely.


You can rely on our full support every step of the way. We put your business first and never lose focus.


Everything starts with an open dialogue at Oakbits. We value transparency and full responsibility in every project.


We are one step ahead and foresee every technical issue before it appears. Your business is our focus, so we constantly look for improvements and use our expertise to advise you on the best technological decisions.

Our team

All of our engineers are highly skilled and experienced and go through a tough and unique interview process before working with us.

We take pride in our team’s abilities and our priority is to keep this high standard that differentiate us and that our clients appreciate.

We love what we do and treat your project with full commitment. Your business challenges are our motivation.

We like to build on trust and collaboration and follow these values in every relationship – inside and outside our team.

We learn, sweat and strive together. We share our expertise and put our efforts into bringing stellar results for your business.

Are we the partners you’ve been searching for?

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Looking to develop a digital product from scratch?

Looking for a cross-functional development team?

Our design and development expertise is two-fold. We can deliver you a digital product in a matter of weeks by using Lean™ and Agile™ processes.

Then, with our ability to scale existing apps, we can help you transition them from inefficient, unstable solutions to fully developed products that grow nicely with your business.

Designers work side by side with software engineers, in Agile teams, to provide the best solutions that will meet your business goals.

Our teams communicate and closely work every step of the process ensuring everyone has access to the best information and data and each decision taken is the right one.