Only 1 in 10.000 acorns becomes an oak.

We turn business software challenges into web solutions that stand the test of time.

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We streamline complex processes.


Consulting – Diagnose & Prescribe

From the first acorn to a time-defying oak. We’ll support you in your journey to transform smart business goals into actual results, using leading-edge technologies.

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Web Development

Every oak is unique. Our web app development services are tailored to your business needs, to help you solve individual challenges and streamline daily operations.

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Deployment & Maintenance

Nurturing a powerful oak. Software is only done when it is delivered to the user. And exceeds his expectations.

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Your business challenges are our mission

We understand what time-pressing and high-demand means. And that your focus is to take your business to the stars. With the help of our talented team and by putting our extensive expertise to the test, we aim to become your reliable business partner who shares your ambition and helps you develop.

Over the years, with our guidance companies like yours:
• Grew their business
• Increased their client base
• Finished high-stake projects for big clients

Our Clients Our Clients


We focus on what we do best to deliver you top quality results. Your business ambitions and goals are on top of our minds every step of the process.


We plot the implementation of your idea or analyze and propose solutions to an individual business problem. You can trust our process that has been tested and improved to run flawlessly.

Full-Cycle Servicing

We cover every aspect of web apps creation, to get your product to the user and make sure it always works. We don’t stop until the final product meets all requirements.

We work with partners who

Are ready to seize new opportunities in the market…

… with the help of a technical partner. Finding new ways to generate revenues has never been easier when backed up with the right software.

Want to consolidate their internal resources

Being a flexible remote partner, we flawlessly accommodate in your team and bring in the expertise where it is missing.

Are losing money and time…

… due to outdated and outperforming systems. We assist you in improving or replacing an ineffective system, so you don’t ever lose a dime or a minute again.

Value open dialogue, respect and honesty

We strive to be good human beings on which others can rely on.

We partner with ambitious brands, big and small

We have the privilege of working with forward-thinking companies that are looking to improve their tech approaches. We act both as consultants and as an extension to in-house teams.


Angular, Consulting, Typescript, Web Development

AskData needed a high-performing software development partner that would allow them to focus on their core business.

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CarLabs, USA

Angular, React, Typescript, Web Development

CarLabs was time pressured in delivering a custom solution for an important client.

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mWater, USA

Consulting, MariaDB, Python, SQL

One of MWater’s brands used an old CRM solution that relied on a legacy database and needed to switch to a newer and more capable solution.

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Are we the partners you’ve been searching for?

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Looking to develop a digital product from scratch?

Looking for a cross-functional development team?

Our design and development expertise is two-fold. We can deliver you a digital product in a matter of weeks by using Lean™ and Agile™ processes.

Then, with our ability to scale existing apps, we can help you transition them from inefficient, unstable solutions to fully developed products that grow nicely with your business.

Designers work side by side with software engineers, in Agile teams, to provide the best solutions that will meet your business goals.

Our teams communicate and closely work every step of the process ensuring everyone has access to the best information and data and each decision taken is the right one.